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Perfect Eye Wears

Contact Person

Mr. Tarek Hassan Mansour

General Manager

  • Al Nasar Street, Shop No.5, Al Nasar Building 2, Besides Vitamin Palace , PO Box - 1893
  • +974 40296229


Perfect Eyewear Company is established in Doha in the beginning of Year 2012 as a company under the company group of Mr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Ibrahim Al Ansari as expansion of Manhattan  Group Company for Trading and Distribution of Optical and Sun Glasses in Alexandria (Egypt ) which was established in 1987 .

It was expanded to Doha with its deep experiences in Optical and Sun Glasses , accessories and lenses in retail and wholesale 
We became known in Qatari Market by competition and excellence to arrange great types of Optical and Sun Glasses as well as accessories and gained the satisfaction by meeting all different tastes of the customers .

We are only one company which repairs , welds , paints all types of Optical and Sun Glasses by using latest technologies , equipments which give us complete confidence to realize all desires we expect to attract all customers to Perfect Eyewear .

With blessings of Allah and confidence of customers we opened our second branch in the starting of second half of 2014 and the third in the end of August 2015. and We planned to open 5 branches by the end of 2016 and 10 branches by 2020.


  •   First Branch is located in Al Nasr street , at backside entrance of Family Food Centre 
  •   Second Branch is located in Bin Dirham street , Second roundabout at Mansoura .
  •   Third Branch is located in Al Nasr street , in Al Nasr building 2 after Vitamin shop for juice shop No 5.


Main Organizing Structure


  • Mr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Ibrahim Al Ansari. Head of Management Body of Perfect Eyewear
  • Mr.Muhammed Husain Muhammed Ibrahim , General Manager 
  • Mr. TareK Hasan Ibrahim Mansour , Executive Manager 
  • Mr. Fareed Abdul Hameed , Financial Manager 


In additions to expert staffs with good proficiency and executive administration from eye specialists to technicians and sellers .




The company uses latest equipments to measure and check the vision.


Complimentary Stock with medical lenses , best adhesive lenses which include all  scales , types , colors for the possibility of delivery of glasses in the same day


We prepare glasses lenses in standard time with latest automatic equipments as per international systems by using the following: 


Automatic Digital Lens Meter with printer to print lens measurement before and after preparing perfectly to conform with vision of the customer and another manual equipment 


Full Automatic Edger Machine with Scan for all lenses and all models of glasses to extract well equipped lenses without any interference of man except to packing the details of vision measurement  statement and glass frame till to be with great possible perfectness 


Equipment for coloring  lenses and to transfer from medical lens only to medial and sun glasses in the same time 


Equipments assisting to extract glasses with possible professionalism like ( equipment to polish edges of lens if necessary –Equipment to test lens colors and UV –Equipment to hole the lens – Ultra Sonic Equipment  to clean the glasses from salt and oxidation, Equipment to paint metals of all glasses –Golden , Silver of all colors , and other assisting equipments


Equipment to weld glasses with laser with high standard of technology  with which possible to weld all types of metal glasses  including (Titanium , Stainless steel ) as this is new equipment to repair glasses instead of buying new glass which is burden for low income people. 

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Contact Person

Mr. Tarek Hassan Mansour

General Manager

  • Al Nasar Street, Shop No.5, Al Nasar Building 2, Besides Vitamin Palace , PO Box - 1893
  • +974 40296229

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