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Doha International Buildex

Contact Person

Mr. Mohammad Shahbaz Ali

Business Manager


Our company DOHA INTERNATIONAL BUILDEX, we are servicing here in qatar more than 5 years.

Our Services Includes dump truck for transporting and disposal of back filling, sand, excavation materials and Construction Waste & the rental services for Mobile-Cranes, Wheel Loaders, Excavators ETC.


We supply the following wide range of high grade products not limited to:


  • Aggregates
  • Sub-Base
  • Dune Sand 
  • Raw Waterials
  • And Many More...


Our Company has completed projects and services across a wide range of aereas, including the servicefor disposal of excavation material , transportation for the backfill, dune sand, construction waste


Many more like provision of Wheel loaders, Excavators,Mobile cranes or rental basis and materials like aggragates, excavation materials etc...


At DOHA INTERNATIONAL BUILDEX  we have a strong belief in our people and we believe that our sucess is closely relatedto the quality of services we provide and the level of satisfaction we deliver.

The Company’s objective is to eliminate all the stresses
involved within the construction industry by supplying,
delivering, to guarantee a quality and timely finish, with
Zero Harm to its people, the public, or the environment.
We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively
with them to achieve results they can measure.

company, a team of professionals with
ambition passion and more importantly
years of success stories. Following
Guiding principles, we observe

"Proven Project Management



  • To provide unparalleled standards in customer/Client service, reliability and honest business dealings.


  • To ensure that our quoted prices are always amongst the most competitive available and that our solutions can help reduce facilities costs wherever possible.


  • To leave our customer with a positive and lasting impression!


  • Whatever the size and complexity of the project, our professional service is simply defined, creating an environment to meet the increasing demands of the business world- ON BUDGET ON TIME.



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Contact Person

Mr. Mohammad Shahbaz Ali

Business Manager

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