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Benefit Group

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Mr. Hameed Kallapadam

Marketing Manager



HVAS Contractors  
Filters - HVAC
Building Materials - Suppliers
Trading & Contracting
Electrical Accessories Suppliers
Electrical Equipment Suppliers
Plumbing Contractors
Office Supplies
Office Systems & Stationery Suppliers
Air Conditioners - Maintenance
Sanitary Products Suppliers  
Heavy Industrial Vehicles 
General Cleaning Services


Our vision is to provide a full range of innovative world-class quality products and good workmanship services. In order to fulfill this goal, BENEFIT GROUP is constantly providing expert advice, timely and professional services.  BENEFIT GROUP strives to be the quality leader and service leader as we believe in our products and services. Should exceed industry standers by providing the right products and information necessary to maximize our customers satisfaction & profitability.



  • Commitment
  • Honest / Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • Excellent Customer Services

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  • hvac contractors
  • filters - hvac
  • building materials - suppliers
  • trading and contracting
  • electrical accessories suppliers
  • electrical equipment suppliers
  • plumbing contractors
  • office supplies
  • office systems & stationery suppliers
  • air conditioners - maintenance
  • sanitary products suppliers
  • heavy industrial vehicles
  • general cleaning services doha qatar

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Contact Person

Mr. Hameed Kallapadam

Marketing Manager

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