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Contractors are individuals or an organization make contract with another organization for the construction of a buildings, road etc. in Qatar. Contractors are responsible for construction buildings at proper time based on tenders. They accomplish the projects by handling all the tasks by themselves or outsource some of the project parts to other contracting firms. The contractors in Qatar are responsible for every process associated with the contractual work. Contractors are supervising each development of construction and give instructions to workers established on plan of construction. Contractors provide workers, required row materials and all the needs for the construction. Upcoming mega event FIFA world cup 2022 tends booming construction works in Doha, Qatar. The large constructions works for FIFA world cup 2022 are handled by contractors in Qatar.  Contractors are become solely responsible for the accomplishment of the project on time and all the condition in the tender to be adhered during the project execution. Contractors mainly aims two goals to achieve are maximizing the output and minimize the defects in quality and production. 

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