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laundry dry cleaning equipment suppliers in doha, qatar

laundry dry cleaning equipment suppliers   in qatar, Al Rayes Group  in qatar ,doha

Al Rayes Group

P.O. Box: 3312
Villa No. 107, Dar Al Salam Compound

Mr. Ahmed N. Al-Rayes - Chairman

From a modest beginning with the retail dealership of certain house hold items like watches, refrigerators and television sets, the Al Rayes Group read more >

grown over the years like an Ork Tree to provide services ranging from house hold items sales and delivery to heavy machinery delivery and also Real Estate.  Through Al Rayes Laundry Equipments & Accessories, the company markets equipment and accessories for the use of commercial laundries and hotels and they are the agents for Tintolav products and Seitz Chemicals. Al Rayes Cleaning Company handles cleaning of carpets, curtains and sofas. Arizona English Language Centre holds classes for TOEFL and general English language classes. They are linked with the University of Arizona. Arizona Trading mainly deals with food and beverages and are the agents for brands like Power Horse, Star Juice, Al Mudish milk, Aqua water, San Minguel, Cali, Noon & Freeze while British Restaurants serves typical British meals. Nasco Group Building Material, Nasco Trading & Contracting, and Dome Trading & Contracting take on contracts for renovation of apartments and villas and are also agents of various brands of wall tiles, floor tiles, marbles and granites. MPH provides services to the oil and gas industry. Other companies in the group include Al Rayes Video, Al Rayes Car Rental, Lion Rent A Car (Limousine Service 24 Hrs) and New House Complex House Hold Items.  Al Rayes Group provides excellent laundry services, such as door to door services (one of the first laundry company to actually starts such services in Qatar). Our services are as follows:    Laundry/Dry Cleaning services   Laundry Equipment/Chemicals & Accessories   Real Estate   Language Centre   Trading and Contracting   Food imports / distribution   Mechanical / Electrical Services

laundry dry cleaning equipment suppliers   in qatar, Magic Laundry L.L.C  in qatar ,doha

Magic Laundry L.L.C

P.O. Box: 24977
GT 200, St. 48, Insustrial Area, Doha, State of Qatar

Mr. Issa Odeh Ahmed - Admin Manager

Magic Laundry was founded in January, 2001 in the state of Qatar. Magic Laundry has six workshops in Doha, Qatar.  read more >

; Magic laundry operates in the State of Qatar as a company specializing in the Industrial & Household Laundry Services for residential, commercial, and industrial end-users. This industrial Laundry was established to complement the services rendered by a Group of Companies providing experience and significant local presence.  Magic laundry is a sister company of:  Qatar International Trading Co         Trading & Contracting  Como Living Concept                         Industrial Kitchens & Laundry equipment  Sterikem                                                Professional Cleaning Detergents & Dispensers    Magic laundry was established in Qatar in January 2001 in collaboration and alliance with Granada Laundry founded in 1980 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Magic laundry was designed to cater to the growing needs of the local contract market, during which with time it gained an outstanding reputation for fast, reliable and cost effective results. Due to its evolving success, magic laundry now has the largest independent laundry complex in Doha. Our complex comprises of  Pick Up and Drop Off outlets, state of the art Dry Cleaning systems and the wash capacity to undertake even the largest contracts.  Over an area of 2,000 square meters for the Central Laundry, with 6 stand alone outlets, a total staff of over 200 skilled personnel and 15 transportation vehicles, Magic Laundry is currently processing 3,000,000 pieces per day 7 days a week.   OUR VISION Our vision is to provide a one stop shop for Laundry services. The dedication to providing an enhanced quality of service is revealed by our valued Client Base triggering future expansion and progress.   OUR MISSION Our aims is to ensure that the clients garments and utility items are being treated with the best care and according to the best practices of cleanliness by integrating people, place, process and technology, and thereby simultaneously delivering benefits to both our clients and the environment. The importance we give to our clients is derived from the belief that our image is reflected in theirs. Our objective; having previous and large experience; is to work on enhancing the reputation of its clients by ensuring that services provided will contribute to a successful accreditation of their projects. Our mission is to provide our clients with a solid platform for growth by constantly enhancing their environment.   OUR NORMS & STANDARD   We implement the HSE (health, safety and environmental policy) code which describes in detail the company approved HSE working practices related to the work activities. In addition, the company operates HSE management system with a structure for auditing and standard reviews updates, where it sets HSE targets and objectives at a high level. Moreover, all the staff is medically insured, and is completely aware of safety meetings, which form the major part of our policy. Furthermore, our company conducts regular surveys on safety work practices to promote, encourage and recognize safe work practices and performances by employees. In addition, we use the latest in modern machinery; with superior HSE features. The procedure for waste handling (used water) is ultimately drained. The company is currently studying a recycling water program for saving water (environment friendly).   OUR SERVICES Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services Laundry Chemicals Commercial Laundry