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accommodation villa in doha, qatar

accommodation villa   in qatar, Economic Group  in qatar ,doha

Economic Group

P.O. Box: 47127
Economic Group Villa, Abu Hamour Street

Mr.Ali Qandeel - Real Estate Manager

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REAL ESTATE   The valuation and assessment of properties is one of the most effective activities carried out by The Econom read more >

ic Group. The valuation and assessment of properties is one of the most effective activities carried out by The Economic Group where Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sulaiti - a real estate expert and a certified by the court of justice and National Banks, who is also a holder of a certificate "Preparation of Real Estate Appraisal Experts" from The Research and Commercial Studies Center, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, besides attending sessions for preparing arbitrators. Mr. Sulaiti is considered one of the most recognized arbitrators in the state of Qatar due to his broad knowledge in this field that includes 25 years of experience, where he presented up to 2500 reports to different governmental sectors, banks, companies, individuals and highly regarded Sheikhs. As part of the expansion plan, the Economic Group established its own Training centre for developing personal skills, theoretical and practical preparations for managers and employees in all fields. Another branch of the Economic group emerged dealing with the organization of Exhibitions and conferences with the intention of changing the idea of consumer exhibitions to those that allow exhibitors and consumers work larger scale deals and commercial franchises that help in catching up and benefitting from international markets.   EXHIBITIONS The phenomenon of the tall building has been the focus of much attention with regard to its architectural development. The implications of its form, appearance and impact upon the site, the street or the city have warranted considerable attention. Similarly, the technological components of tall building development have also undergone extensive critical examination.  Many people now agree that high density accommodation, whether for office, residential or mixed use, is advantageous. Building tall is certainly not the only way to achieve high density but it can make sense in situations such as confined areas of a city where land is scarce.  The Gulf region and Qatar in specific witnessed an unprecedented wave of tall building construction in the recent years, and hundreds of tall building construction projects are planned to take place in the region during the coming decade. These projects are in continuous need for imported technologies and equipment.   TRAINING   Our mission is to provide top notch training and consulting services by scientific methodology, to participate in qualifying the Arab human resources